Exclusive Video: Kelly Rowland Unveils New Songs

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Kelly Rowland

Last night, Crushable was on hand as Gayle King interviewed former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland, who has a new label, a new sound and a new lease on life. “Meet the new Kelly,” Gayle said.

Kelly played four songs from an upcoming album she's been working on, which will be self-titled when it eventually hits shelves. In between songs, Gayle questioned Kelly about her life — she's living in Miami and single, “I'm not married,” she said — and the rumors of a falling out with former bandmate Beyonce. Kelly said that when she hears rumors about a feud with B she thinks, “Where's Michelle?..Michelle is a such a huge part of Destiny's Child. And not only that, she's an amazing woman, and brought so much to myself and Beyonce,” Kelly said of the group's third member, Michelle Williams. “She completed us…I don't care about the rumors just don't forget about the talent that was in us. That's how we got so big: together.” Later, Kelly credited “B” — and Michelle — among her support system that helped her to become the confident, strong solo artist she is today.

Gayle and Kelly

Crushable caught some video of Kelly chatting with Gayle. In this clip, she talks about her song “Shake Haters Off” (get a load of her voice!):

Later, the crowd was getting a little noisy and disrespectful, so Gayle had to calm the place down. As she asked Kelly to talk about her song “Grown Ass Woman,” Gayle stopped for a moment to call out some people in the back of the room for being rude. “This is Kelly Rowland's night!” she said.

Overall, we found Kelly's songs enjoyable, fun, catchy and totally the type of thing that will get us dancing. Are you looking forward to her new album?