Exclusive: The Battle Between 16 And Pregnant’s Christinna And Her Grandmother-In-Law

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[Update: This story is old, so here's more recent news on Teen Mom, and here's more about celeb pregnancy!]

Last week on 16 And Pregnant, teen mom Christinna Renee Robinson got into an all out battle with her in-laws on MTV. Christinna was married at the time in Tennessee, but she's since split from her husband Isiah and is living in New York with her mother. She told Radar Online today that leaving her husband Isiah was the hardest decision she's had to make.

But her grandmother-in-law Kathleen Green tells Crushable a different story.

Christinna tells Radar:

“My biggest challenge was my relationship with Isiah. I spent months debating on whether to leave him or not. I wanted to make sure that my decision was in Destiny's best interest and that I was setting the best example possible for her. I didn't want Destiny to grow up and think that getting a divorce was acceptable, BUT I didn't want Destiny to grow up and think that our marriage was how her marriage should be either. It was hard to leave Isiah, but I am happy with the choice I made because I know that it was in Destiny's best interest.”

But according to Kathleen, Christinna didn't leave by choice:

“She didn't leave Isiah. He told her to leave.  After all the fighting, he was sick of her.”

Furthermore, Kathleen says that Christinna has yet to file for divorce from Isiah and suspects that she's putting it off because she still doesn't want to take that dreaded DNA test:

“First of all, she won't take the DNA test. She's telling everybody that she's gonna take the test.
MTV was going to pay for the test. She's also saying that she filed for divorce. We're waiting on papers, but we haven't seen them.”

In addition, everyone in Isiah's family is now upset with Christinna and her mother because they apparently took all of the couple's belongings when Christinna moved up to New York. Says Kathleen:

“They took everything out of their house. TV, everything. They were married, but he bought those things with his money. And they took all that stuff to her mother's house.”

What do you think Crushable: who is telling the right story?