Exclusive: MTV Uses A Cartoon From Almost Ten Years Ago To Try To Cast “Hipstras”

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When New York Shitty posted this photo of an MTV casting notice snapped in Greenpoint yesterday, I did a double take. In addition to using embarrassing terminology (“hipstra” sounds like some sort of record collecting she-demon), it contains two images that are almost a decade old.

The first is easily identifiable as “Hipster Bingo.” I'm not sure when it was created, but I remember looking at it as a college freshman in 2003, so I know it's at least eight years old. PBR! Ironic mustaches! Trucker hats! Blogger with a digital camera! (Isn't that everyone now?) A purse with a skull on it? As a document of the shift people were making from emo/punk/college rock subcultures to something more, uh, hip circa 2002, it's great. As something that we're supposed to look at and sincerely identify with in 2011, it's not so great. Although, as my friend Sam noted, many of the more basic things on it can still be seen around Williamsburg. “Is it weird that hipster things from 2003 or thereabouts are mostly still the same today?” he asked. “Have we reached the End of History?” I don't think so, but maybe we're getting close.

The other image was actually drawn by a friend of mine, Carter Adams, for the student humor paper we worked on together in college. His other cartoons for The Fed included the uber-dark Catch As Catch Can and the somewhat autobiographical Guide To Your Columbia Nervous Breakdown. Dude had skills. (Probably still does.) When reached for comment on the flier, he had this to say:

I'm ok with it.  I continue to be amused by the legs on that cartoon.  It's been the top image result for “hipster” off and on for years on google.  I wish I'd had a few more drawing lessons when I made it.  If they were using it in the actual show, I'd want some credit, but if it's just a casting poster, I'm content to sit back and let my sole contribution to culture keep making the rounds.

So, what have we learned from all this? Culture is stagnating, MTV is out of touch, and whatever intern was assigned to make that flier was lazy enough to use the first two results for “hipster” on Google image search. Do not try to absorb all of these Earth shattering revelations at once. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lucrative extra job to apply to.