Exclusive: Justin Bieber Wants James Dean’s Swagger

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No, Justin Bieber is not guest-editing Crushable today. Just in case you were wondering. The 16-year-old pop prodigy is too busy perfecting his mad swagger skillz, OK? (We're not being sarcastic).

Speaking of swagger, Crushable has obtained advance word that Justin wishes he could be like none other than screen legend and king of cool James Dean.

In an interview with Radio Disney's “Take Over With Ernie D,” which airs at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, Justin was asked which person — living or dead — he'd love to meet given the opportunity. His response: “James Dean. Because he has it swaggered out. He could teach me some swagger.”

OMG he's totally copying R-Patz, right?! In any event, the retro matinee idol is a personal hero to many a young star. So it's not completely surprising that The Biebs would want to emulate him.

(Somewhere Justin's mentor Usher is all, “Hey, wait a minute!”)