Exclusive: Jennifer Gilbert Reacts To Her Hilarious ‘Real Housewives’ Debut

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Exclusive  Jennifer Gilbert Reacts To Her Hilarious  Real Housewives  Debut 98827587 337x445 jpgLast night on Real Housewives of New York City, we got to see a little bit more of the newest housewife, Jennifer Gilbert, who was introduced last week as Jill‘s party planner. First, she got some great zingers in at Kelly‘s Gotham magazine trendsetters party, then we got to see the inside of her Tribeca apartment as she hosted the ladies for a cocktail party that turned into a shouting match.

If nothing else, Jen proved that she has a knack for saying what we’re thinking as we sit at home on our couch. “I have never met a bunch of women who have more fucking issues,” Jen pronounced on last night’s episode, sitting high atop some booths at The Eldridge in a sequined top and jeans. Later in the night came another gem: “Whoever LuAnn’s date is, he has bad hair and is gay.”

Jen told Crushable that what you see is what you get with her. “Everybody says, ‘Oh, they edit you so badly.’ They really don’t,” she told us. “These women are these women. And if you say something — I say a couple of comments that are pretty funny, one of them is not so nice. It’s really me being me. I’ve got to own it. I said it. I had a moment when I was being Jen Gilbert who’s out with her girlfriends making a comment about something that I thought was pretty hilarious. So I can’t go back and say, ‘Oh, they edited me terribly.’ I said it! It’s fair game.”

Although we’ll probably be seeing more as the season progresses — she attended LuAnn‘s CD release party and Ramona‘s vow renewals, she told Crushable — don’t count on seeing Jennifer get down and dirty with any of the other housewives. “I’m not there to stir up the pot, they have enough of that,” she told us. They have enough women being horribly, horribly not nice to each other. So that was not the goal for me. I think the goal was to be relatable and for people to have a break from all of it. I watch it as a viewer and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, enough already!'”

What did you think of the new housewife? Do you think she’ll be a welcome addition and a calming force, or do you like watching the crazy happen?

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