Exclusive: Jeff Beitzel’s Daughter Speaks Out on the Gretchen Rumors [“Real Housewives of Orange County”]

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Jill, the daughter of Jeff Beitzel was nice enough to talk to me about how the recent revelations of Gretchen's alleged infidelity to her dad have affected her and her family.  Here's what she had to say:

1) As far as Gretchen's portrayal on RHOC that she was a devoted caretaker, always there for him, etc, was that accurate as far as you and your family knew?

Gretchen was the only one my dad had out in California all the time so yes she was a devoted caretaker, but when she had time off because other people were out there she definitely caught up with going out.

2) Are you and anyone in your family still in touch with her?
Jake, Lizzy, and I all still talk to her.

3) How have you guys held up against all these new revelations that she may have been cheating on your dad while he was in the hospital?

Jake has been having a lot of issues with the speculations being made. All I know is what Gretchen has told me which was that Jay was a good friend who she had seen a ways back, my dad never liked that guy and obviously for a good reason.

I do believe that they had a thing but I don't really care, my dad loved Gretchen but I'm almost certain he never would have married her. I think Jay is a selfish manipulative jerk, and just wants the exposure from the story. He doesn't give a rats ass that when he degrades Gretchen he is also degrading my father, and that makes things a lot harder for our family to be okay with. I hold a lot of resentment for people who only care about themselves and never think about the consequences of their actions. He is a sad excuse of a human being.