Exclusive: Did Megan Nelson’s Obsession With Getting On ‘Teen Mom’ Drive Her And Chelsea Apart?

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This season on Teen Mom, there was a surprise pregnancy, when one of the stars' friends decided to follow in her footsteps. In what possibly was a bid to get her own show, Chelsea Houska‘s friend Megan Nelson decided she needed her own baby. We already told you about that. But now it looks like Megan and Chelsea had a falling out due to Megan's desperate grab for attention.

Megan was living with Chelsea for free after Chelsea's dad got them an apartment to help Chelsea graduate from high school. Yes. This was a bad idea. Because Chelsea failed to get her GED, the friends eventually got kicked out of their sweet pad. And according to our sources, accusations that Megan stole from Chelsea's family didn't help their friendship. But Megan's desperation to get on TV is what continues to keep them apart:

“She really does wanna be just like Chelsea so she doesn't care, and honestly just wants an MTV show that's why she had a fan page.”

The fact that Megan is currently pregnant betrays her interest to be on TV. (That and her social media campaign to get her own show.) She may or may not have gotten pregnant on purpose. But she wasn't dating her boyfriend Cody very long when that happened.

According to our sources, who say they know the pair, Megan and Cody are still together. Because “he is a good ol' country boy who believes in doing the right thing.”

But MTV isn't likely to pick up the story of Megan's pregnancy. And things got even worse after Megan and Chelsea got kicked out of their free housing, when Chelsea's dad accused Megan of stealing from his girlfriend.

According to one source, Megan denies stealing anything, and the friends are trying to patch things up. But Megan's obsession with getting on TV continues to drive them apart. Megan and Chelsea have a fan page on Facebook, but Chelsea really did not appreciate Megan creating her own (they're all deleted now).

When it comes down to it, getting pregnant to end up on TV seems like pretty a far fetched way to get famous. And in this case, it looks like Megan is up one baby and down a friend and a supporting role on MTV.