Ewan McGregor: The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved On Your Birthday

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We don't hear an awful lot about Ewan McGregor in the media.  He does movies, the standard PR tour to promote those movies, then he goes home to his incredibly lucky family and we never hear anything about him dancing on tables or not wearing underwear. It's strange.

So in honor of his 42nd birthday, I'd like to bring everyone's attention to this underrated and adorable Scot.  Whether he's playing a heroin addict, a starving Parisian artist, or Obi Wan Kenobe, he nabs your heart and doesn't let go.  I mean, so I've heard.  He's even talented enough to make Renee Zellwegger tolerable, for Pete's sake!  This man deserves accolades for that alone.

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Did you also know that he's an avid biker?  No, not the banana-seat kind.  Motorcycles.  Is there anything better than a classy, intelligent, Scottish guy who can pull off riding a motorcycle?  I'll give you a hint: NO.

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He's ranked #36 on Empire magazine's list of top 100 movie stars of all time.  Although I must say that when it comes to my younger sister, he ranks #1 in her heart.  From the moment I first let her borrow my copy of Moulin Rouge, her walls were covered with Ewan love all the way through puberty.  I bet if I were to burst into her college dorm room right now, there would be plenty of Ewan McGregor memorabilia scattered about.  Ewan McGreogor was the Wendy Peffercorn to her Squints Palledorous.  Instead of sneaking a kiss with him at the local pool, she convinced my parents to buy several autographed 8x10s of Ewan on eBay.

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Although I have zero desire to go and see Jack the Giant Slayer, I would watch it just to get a Ewan fix.  When it comes out on DVD, of course, but still.  He's got a full plate of movies coming out in 2013-14, one in particular I'm crazy excited about: August: Osage County.  It's a great play and with his background in theater and overall adorable-ness, it looks like it's going to be a great film too.

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So happy birthday Ewan McGregor!  You keep being you, and we'll keep stalking you.

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