Here’s More Evidence That Bill Murray Is Awesome

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Is it just us — or does everyone have a Bill Murray story? Yes, it's just us. Still, for whatever reason, we keep finding ourselves in conversations with assorted people who have had memorable or unusual encounters with Murray. Like today, a girl in our neighborhood brought up the video of Murray bartending at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, that we wrote about on Friday. She witnessed this event, and said Murray walked in with the Wu-Tang Clan.

How awesome is that? Move over, Clint Eastwood, because Murray is The Man. Here are other stories we've collected recently from people who've spotted, interacted with or almost been killed by Bill Murray.

  • Our friend Kim was walking across the street in New York one day when a car almost clipped her — fortunately, she emerged unscathed albeit narrowly escaping with her life (OK, exaggeration on that last part). Anyway, it all happened so fast and there was no accident or conversation (in this city, everyone almost gets hit by a car) but Kim identified the driver as Murray and was thoroughly shocked and amused; weeks later, she ran into him at an entertainment industry party (she's a news producer) and approached him to retell the story of the close call. Laughs were shared, and drinks were clinked. Murray felt bad.
  • This dude we met saw Murray in the skybox at a Yankees game and they exchanged phone numbers. We did not believe him until he whipped out his iPhone and, lo and behold, there was Murray's number. We joked about calling the number but we did not because that would be uncouth.
  • A woman we know tells a true story of how her friend was hanging out in the hustle and bustle of New York's Union Square when she laid eyes on Murray. He apparently overheard her talking to a friend about spotting him when all of  a sudden, he popped up like a ghost behind her and said, “No one will ever believe you.” Then he disappeared into the crowd.
  • An interview between Murray and my former colleague at the AP turned into a therapy session when Murray spoke emotionally and candidly about his divorce and depression. My colleague returned to the office, beaming, knowing he had a great article on his hands — thanks to Murray being honest and forthcoming.

That's Bill Murray for you: Salt of the earth, man of the people, hero to many, complex as all hell,  here in the world. If anyone out there encounters him, would you mind asking what he told ScarJo during that one scene in Lost In Translation? Not entirely original, we know, but we remain curious.