Everything You Would Ever Need To Know About RHONJ’s Rosie Pierri and Jaime Laurita

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Last night's episode of  Real Housewives of New Jersey featured Kathy Wakile's sister Rosie Pierri coming out to her niece and nephew as well as the beginning of the wedding of Caroline Manzo's gay brother Jaime Laurita. (Read the full recap here!)

(And continued disgusting — this time homophobic — comments and behavior from Joe Giudice, for whom my hatred grows every day, but that's beside the point.)

Want to get to know these new RHONJ  stars real fast? We got you covered! Here are a few facts (six to be exact) you may not know about Bravo's two new favorite gays.

1. Rosie and Kathy maintain that Kathy's kids, Victoria Wakile (18) and Joe Wakile (16) did not know she was gay before the conversation shown on this episode…really?

“I know you see a 18-year-old and a 16-year-old and you say, “how is that possible?” but they never questioned, never asked,” Kathy said. “Actually, they were quite surprised when I did tell them and we all did have that conversation.”

Hmm…whatever you say Kath.

2. Rosie HATES traffic. I think at least 20 percent of her tweets must be on this subject. For example,” Traffic is f**king Bullshit !! But driver just pulled a G move # badass” What exactly constitutes a G move on the highway? I would love to know. However, as I am very familiar with the nightmare that is the Garden State Parkway myself, I can't say I blame her. You can follow her right here: @RosiePierri.

3. She may be a workaholic. All she's said is that she works for “a company that does manufacturing for displays for the retail industry.” Whatever the company, Rosie has worked there for 24 years, and says she loves her job.

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