Video: Everything That Was Wrong With The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises problems

If you're like me or any number of the people I know, you were pretty disappointed by The Dark Knight Rises. Particularly with how great The Dark Knight was, it just felt like a letdown, right? The action sequences were great, and there were some great performances, most notably Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (and you have to know I really think that, because I'm not a fan of her), but in general it just felt like a lot of money being thrown at a pretty weak storyline. And it didn't have to be bad! Yeah, the loss of Heath Ledger as The Joker and as a human was a huge tragedy, but that does excuse the loose-ends that Christopher Nolan left scattered through this movie.

…because there were a lot of them. How many, you say? Well, according to CinemaSins, no less than 73, and they've taken the liberty of documenting them in a video, for your viewing (or probably re-viewing) pleasure. Obviously there are the standard ones like Bane being unintelligible, Christian Bale still using the Batman voice when he's talking to himself with no one around, and Wayne Manor not being guarded, but they also caught typos in the newspaper and random guys on the edges of fight scenes falling down for no reason. Some of them aren't even necessarily mistakes, they're just moments when I think we all, as an audience, rolled our eyes. Like when Joseph Gordon-Levitt uses his real name at the end. Come on, guys. Let's get real. But they also catch a lot of stuff that I hadn't caught on my own, so it's lucky they were there or else I would've embarrassed myself at oh-so-many cocktail parties.

Oh, and there are obviously spoilers, so don't come crying to me if you clicked that video and weren't expecting to watch a play by play of the whole movie. (Dumbledore dies.)

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