The 16 Most Important Things That Happened While You Were On Vacation

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emma stone andrew garfield 211212

(Owen Beiny / WENN.com)

10. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield adopted a Shelter Dog. You know, just in case you needed one more reason to push congress to pass celebrity-celebrity-stalker marriages laws.

letterman celebs 201112

(HRC/ WENN.com)

11. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett briefly reunited in NYCI don't know why I even bothered to finish sweeping the shattered pieces of my heart off the floor.

12. There's a new Girls trailer out. Watch it so you can start preparing yourself for season 2 (premiering January 13th)… as well as 1000 seasons worth of Lena Dunham criticism.



13. Katy Perry shared this horrible photo of John Mayer dressed up like a rejected Santa extra from Law & Order: SVU. Sorry to make you vom at your desk.


NPH Kids

 (Twitter, @ActuallyNPH)

14. Neil Patrick Harris shared these adorable photos of his twins Gideon and Harper on Christmas. Look closely and you can also see his amazingly good-looking husband David Burtka.  Look even more closely and you can see me peering in through the windows, trying to figure out how to become the third Burtka-Harris twin.

Fiscal Cliff(lesfiscalmiserablestumblr)


15. The Fiscal Cliff dilemma competed with the Kimye Publici-baby for the most depressing news of 2012. But, as usual, the Internet responded to this disaster with some pretty awesome memes. Dare I say that Les Fiscal Miserables is my favorite.


16. There's a new housewife on The Real Housewives of New JerseyWhile we have so many questions for Jennifer Dalton, we first have to ask if she's comfortable having sex with her husband in a vineyard.

And there you go. That's all you need to know. Now it's just like you never took a week long break from the Interweb. Life can carry on as normal. You're welcome.

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