Awesome Normal Couple Photoshops Celebrities Into Their House Parties

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Graphic designer Everett Hiller and his wife seem like really cool folks: They throw fun holiday parties, and then Photoshop beloved celebrities into the photos so it looks like they had a really rockin' guestbook. Hiller posted the 50-plus photos to Reddit, and although Redditors immediately laid into him with criticisms about lighting and perspective, he still appreciated the feedback. He explained that it really was just a fun exercise and a way to hone his skills over the years:

The average time spent per picture including finding the celeb photo was about 45 minutes. Now I did these over a span of 3 years, and I have gotten faster. They use to take about 3-4 hours each. The time savings is mostly to do with having a better camera.

A good sense of humor and a good sport! We can't wait to see the Hillers' next batch of holiday photos. For now, enjoy spotting the famous faces in our favorites from the gallery.

Photos: Imgur