Yet Another Reason To Love Evanna Lynch: She Cosplayed As Katniss Everdeen At LeakyCon

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Evanna Lynch cosplay Katniss Everdeen LeakyConEvanna Lynch truly is a fan's fan. Part of what made her so compelling as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films was that she had started out as a diehard Potterhead before she got cast, so she always had fans' best interests in mind.

So it makes sense that she'd have the fun idea to dress up as the iconic protagonist of a rival YA series even while celebrating J.K. Rowling‘s books this week. As you can see, Evanna was a guest of honor at the annual fan convention LeakyCon, and at the opening ceremonies she came out dressed as The Hunger GamesKatniss Everdeen.

Of course she looks great in the Capitol training uniform and hefting an impressive bow, which is certainly bigger than the wand she's used to wielding all these years. Could she have known that Hunger Games and Harry Potter fans still have trouble co-existing peacefully? It's likely she didn't have such a charged reason for dressing up, but simply because it's fun and she's spent the last ten years in wool Hogwarts uniforms and robes.

This isn't the first time Evanna has given her opinion on The Hunger Games. Last year, we caught up with her at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and asked what advice she had to give Jackie Emerson, who at the time was in the same boat: A dedicated fan, she had been cast as Foxface and worried about living up to her peers' expectations. “I find that fans really appreciate the fact that I love it so much,” Evanna said of the Potter franchise at the time, mentioning that she had recently tweeted a photo of herself in-costume even though the movies were over. It's great to see her bringing that same enthusiasm to another fandom.

Photo: Attendees via Hypable