This Video Of Evan Rachel Wood Getting Her Nose Pierced Makes Me Squirm Even Though I Have A Nose Piercing Too

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The last time we had a controversial piercing on Crushable, it involved Willow Smith‘s tongue and it turned out to be fake. By contrast, we're 100% sure that Evan Rachel Wood got her latest piercing—mostly because she posted the actual video of getting her nose pierced. Yesterday she tweeted, “I may or may not have just gotten my nose pierced again…And i may or may not have video…you see where this is going?” and then the belated warning “I must warn you, do not watch that last video if you are squeamish.”

Watching it, I got chills, especially when Evan has the long metal piercing just stuck in her nose before the piercing artist twists it into place and snips off the end. I got my nose pierced three months ago; I'd been saying for years that I would, so I finally gave myself the necessary kick in the ass. And boy, did it hurt! I actually got the rook of my ear pierced first, assuming it would be more painful, but it was the nose that had me tearing up and furiously trying to stay still while breathing hard. (The piercer informed me, “Your body gives you adrenaline for the first one; for the second, it says, ‘Screw it, you're on your own.'”) Because think about it, someone has just shoved a sharp piece of metal through your nose and then starts tugging it (albeit gently) into place.

Kudos to Evan for waiting until the end to call out “Fuck!” I think I had a pretty similar reaction.

What's hilarious is a lot of the commenters couldn't help but remember Thirteen‘s harrowing piercing scenes, where Evan's innocent character Tracy got metal in both her tongue and her belly button. I remember watching it at the time and thinking how real it looked, but now that I've had the exact same piercing as Evan, I remember that sensation of not making noise because it hurt so much. And this was her second nose piercing! It gets only slightly easier.