Eva Mendes’ One-Sided Rivalry With Jessica Chastain Is The Saddest Thing You’ll Ever Read

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Eva Mendes  One Sided Rivalry With Jessica Chastain Is The Saddest Thing You ll Ever Read Eva Mendes Dont Judge Me gif

Eva Mendes is allegedly in both the fiercest and the saddest competition with Jessica Chastain right now, namely because Jessica has no actual clue about it. According to Radar OnlineEva has allegedly informed their shared agent that any role that Jessica auditions for, Eva wants to take a crack at as well. No, no, needs to. And if that doesn’t give you a hot case of second-, third-, and infinity-hand embarrassment, then you’re much more resistant than I am. Because I crumbled in my seat when I discovered that, as it’s the most depressing rivalry I’ve heard of in a while. I just straight up combusted into a big cloud of chagrin crumbs. (Although, it does have a ways to go before it beats the world’s newest most bizarre feud.)

A darling little source reports to Radar that, despite the fact that this feud is imaginary to Jessica, it’s allegedly very sad and very real for Eva.

“Eva feels an intense one-sided rivalry that stems from when she lost out to Jessica for the role of Maya in Zero Dark Thirty. Eva desperately wanted to be considered for the part as she’s tired of being typecast as a love interest and wants to be a leading lady. Jessica’s pretty much in the dark about it but it’s only a matter of time before she hears that Eva’s reading for the same parts.”

Will someone just give Eva, like, a hug and an icee or something? This is insane. You can’t live some sort of creepy mirror life because you lost out to one role in a movie once upon a time. That’s crazypants! Surely, she know this, right? Like, allegedly she doesn’t, but I’m just hoping strongly through this special brand of sympathy that I’m feeling. Because, while I know it must be sooo tough to constantly be cast in movies opposite Ryan Gosling, bitterly ransacking Jessica’s career is frankly making everyone sad and uncomfortable.

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