Eva Longoria’s Long Tattoo Removal Process Demonstrates Why You Don’t Get Tattoos Of Your Man

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Eva Longoria-Parker might have become just Eva Longoria over two years ago when she filed for divorce from husband Tony Parker, but up until recently, the memory of said hyphenation remained etched in her flawless skin.

But not anymore! Ms. Longoria was recently photographed in Beverly Hills with an oddly shaped red scar where she'd once had “Nine,” the number of Parker's baseball jersey, tattooed on her neck. According to E! Online, it's just one of three Parker-related tattoos that she began having removed in January, the other two being their wedding date on her wrist, and his initials “somewhere private.”

As you can see, the scar left behind by tattoo removal is arguably uglier than the tattoo itself, which makes me wonder why Longoria didn't just opt for a cover-up? If I were in her shoes, I'd much rather have a cool new (and hopefully better done) tattoo there than a lumpy scar that will never go away. And it's not like she's decided doesn't like tattoos; when E! first reported on the removal, she wrote on Facebook, “Nothing is being removed, although I am always up for more tattoos!”

Then again, I'd never be in her shoes, because I understand that getting relationship-related tattoos is almost always a horrible fucking idea. Conventional wisdom says they're the kiss of death for your relationship/marriage, and besides that, hers were not so good. If you insist on getting a tattoo for your man (or anyone), go for something that looks cool and stands on its own. That way, after you break up, you can play it off like you just really like cacti (or whatever), without having to explain to people that you've permanently branded yourself with a memento of your long-dead marriage.