16 Euro Trip Movies That’ll Have You Planning A Vacation ASAP

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In many different ways, movies have the ability to transport us to different places. In some situations, we can identify with the characters, or the situations happening on the screen. The best romantic comedies might make you wish that something like that would happen to you. Sometimes though, movies transport us to another literal place, and just make you want to take a vacation.

So grab your passport, your wallet, and head to the airport — because these movies are going to give you a serious case of wanderlust. Whether it takes place in Paris, Rome, or the middle of nowhere, there's something about traveling in Europe that's just undeniably appealing. Beach vacations are great for reading and getting a nice tan, but they can't match the history, culture, and food of the different countries across the Atlantic. Check out these movies, and start adding to your bucket list.