Eugene Jackson’s Wrecker on CMT’s Trick My Truck

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For those of you that know me, you know I'm not your average woman. I hate to go shopping. Instead, I'd rather watch Monday night football. I'd also watch CMT's Trick My Truck over Desperate Housewives any day!

Last night was a great episode. The Trick My Truck team surprised Eugene Jackson who owns a towing and truck company by taking his old beat up wrecker and turning it into something he couldn't dreamed of if he tried. Since this truck is people's life line, that's exactly what they turned it into. It was amazing!!

Eugene's sons were the ones who wrote the show and told them how much their dad has worked and done for them. After they lost their mother, he worked even harder by sending their sisters through college and making them partners in his business. I'd say he is well over due for a surprise like this.

Here are a few before pictures via CMT. You can see the whole gallery by clicking on the link.

Here's the outside. As you can see, pulling semis from ditches is no easy task. It looks like some hard and dirty work.


This is the interior of the cab. This picture doesn't really do justice to how bad it looked. The seats were ripped, the windshield was cracked, but Eugene was still able to run a business. He did the best he could with what he had.


Here's the sleeper before. Let's just say that after what they did to the new version, Eugene and his sons could just move on in and live there.


After photos below the cut.

As you can see, his truck looks just a little bit different. It was so cool to watch them transform this truck. Boy did they have to use a lot of tape to paint this life line! It turned out great! I love the green lights underneath.

The interior got a whole new look. Eugene will be riding in style.


This is his old sleeper. It's now a customer lounge. When he picks up a stranded trucker, they ride with him. The Trick My Truck team was smart enough to think of that. They not only thought of Eugene's comfort, but his passengers' also. They can now have snacks, drinks, play video games and my favorite…watch a picture of a water fall. Those truck guys all have a soft spot.


See the rest of the photos at CMT's Trick My Truck photos page. If you don't watch the show, you're missing out! Head over to their website and you can find the show times. Why do I all of a sudden wish I owned a semi?