This Epic Movie Trailer Mashup Is So Spot-On, You’ll Want To Watch It Twice

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This Epic Movie Trailer Mashup Is So Spot On  You ll Want To Watch It Twice Eterna movie trailer mashup 300 640x283 jpg

Here’s a fun fact about me. I’ve always had a fantasy about being a movie trailer editor. Remember that movie The Holiday? Remember how Cameron Diaz edits trailers in it? The whole switching houses with Kate Winslet thing was fun, but I wanted the rest of the movie to be about her trailer-editing. I always make it to the movie in time to watch the previews, and I actually get excited when that green screen comes up and I know I can watch another one. In short, I love trailers, and I think the act of editing one together is really interesting, which is why I loved watching this “Eterna” trailer mashup that combines 99 epic movie clips into one six-minute mega-trailer.

Editor Vadzim Khudabets of Behind the Epic created the video, which takes clips from relatively recent action/adventure/sci-fi blockbusters and puts them together to form the ultimate movie trailer. In addition to being exciting and explosion-filled, this video does something really cool and kind of meta, which is to draw attention to the art of the trailer itself. Watch any large-scale movie trailer and you’ll see similar tropes and techniques to the last epic trailer you watched. Obviously this trailer doesn’t really convey a plot, since it strings together dozens of different stories, but if you think about it, does the typical dark superhero movie trailer explain the plot either? It’ll probably give away some of the most exciting moments, but it doesn’t necessarily lay out the premise. Rather, the typical blockbuster trailer aims for our emotions rather than our logic. It wants to get our heart racing, give us goosebumps, and leave us with a burning desire to experience that in its full-length form. That’s what this trailer mashup does.

The video is edited together beautifully and professionally, and it mimics the familiar rhythms of the movie trailers it’s inspired by. There’s the fast, what-am-I-looking-at-right-now cutting juxtaposed against longer, spoilery scenes. There’s the dramatic voiceover and the super-serious onscreen text. There’s the match on action that edits together multiples shots of people whipping or spinning things to make it look like a continuous act. There are the quieter, dramatic moments that build tension and lead up to an explosion of activity and swelling music. There’s comic relief and ethereal visuals inserted here and there to remind viewers that it’s not all serious. There’s the final unsettling shot that makes you wonder what will happen next. And of course there’s the general feeling of impending apocalyptic doom. I generally don’t even like the kinds of movies these trailers advertise, but I appreciate the way this video calls attention to what those trailers do, time after time. I’m not sure if that’s what Khudabets intended, but I certainly enjoyed the experience.

Check it out for yourself below, and get ready to hit replay. You can see the full list of movies used here.

ETERNA from Behind The Epic on Vimeo.

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