Estelle Compares Herself to Jay-Z

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Cassie and Estelle arrive for Vibe magazine's 15th anniversary blowout celebration

Recently, British singer, Estelle has said that she's the female equivalent of Jay-Z, and says that she won't ever compare herself to female artists.

The 28 year-old told Live, “I’m the female Jay-Z. I never compared myself to other women artists. I compared myself with the best, and the best is Jay-Z.’

She went on to talk about how being recognized by Jay-Z was the signal to herself that she had made it big. ‘I thought, “When Jay-Z knows who I am, when he wants to work with me, then I’ll have made it. Everyone else could go to hell. Then I ended up supporting him recently in the UK.”

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Um…okay. That was wrong in so many ways. I like Estelle, don't get me wrong, but how on earth does she compare herself to Jay-Z? Does she realize the many accomplishments that Jay-Z has achieved?! I mean, when Estelle has owned a major record label, has had her own clothing line, becomes a major recording artist, has been named one of the most powerful people, is one of the wealthiest, and earns nearly as much respect as Jay-Z does – maybe I'll agree with her.

Plus, I want to know what exactly is the problem with comparing yourself with other female artists? Honestly, I see that as a huge insult. There have been some amazing females in the recording industry, most of whom I prefer over Estelle. She gets recognition for her song,”American Boy“, and already she's talking about how awesome she is? That's not cool. Am I just overreacting, or do you guys think Estelle is the female version of Jay-Z? Let me know!

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