Ellen Helps Eric Stonestreet Scare The Best Reaction Out Of Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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Ellen Helps Eric Stonestreet Scare The Best Reaction Out Of Jesse Tyler Ferguson Eric Stonestreet scares Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Ellen September 2015 jpg

Ellen DeGeneres’ show has only been back for a week, but she’s wasting no time getting to the celebrity scares. I’m pretty sure she uses famous people’s screams to power all the lights in her studio. On her latest episode, she did something nice for actor Eric Stonestreet by letting him be the one to do the scaring for once. If you’re a regular viewer of Ellen’s show, you may know that she’s scared Eric a lot over the years. But now Eric is in the driver’s seat, and justice is served piping hot on a silver platter.

Of course, since this is Ellen’s show, she couldn’t exactly be the victim (although one day someone will do it, and they will be hailed as a god among all the other celebrities). Instead, Eric scared his Modern Family husband Jesse Tyler Ferguson. The time Eric chooses to sneak up on Jesse and scare the bejeezus out of him happens to be when Jesse is saying very nice things about him, which could be considered just plain cruel and uncalled for. But it could also be considered just plain hilarious. Yeah, I’m gonna go with the “hilarious” option for this one.

Jesse does the same thing I would do when someone sneaks up on me on national television. And by that I of course mean he shouts “Jesus Christ!” at the top of his lungs. Eric looks very excited to finally be on the other side of a scare, although he’s obviously also very paranoid that Ellen will turn the tables on him. I’m honestly surprised she didn’t, and even she admits she should have thought to do it. Uh oh, Ellen. You’re off your game. First you have Bieber on your show eight days a week, and now this? Look alive, Ellen!