Jessica Simpson’s Fiancee Eric Johnson…Revealed!

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Jessica Simpson is engaged! Again! Hey, she's had 5 years to heal from her marriage/reality show with Nick Lachey, and the older and wiser Jessica has taken her time with her new fiancee, Eric Johnson. Or has she? After all, didn't Nick just propose to Vanessa Minnillo? And wasn't Eric – a former pro-tight end for the 49'ers and the New Orleans Saints – still technically married when he started dating Jessica back in May? All these questions, and so little answers!

But we do know that Eric – despite his current lack of a career besides being attached to a notorious football groupie – is pretty hot. Here are 5 other things we do know about the (currently free-floating) NFL star.

1. He was a good kid:

Awhile ago, a little birdie flew over and handed us Eric Johnson's senior yearbook picture from his high school in Needham, Massachusetts. We also go the lowdown on what the jock was like in high school…surprisingly, he seemed pretty normal for one of the popular kids. He even (allegedly) smoked pot!

An all-A student with tons of friends (despite being an only child), Eric was also named Best Volleyball Player in Massachusetts his senior year after picking up the sport only months before. Eric was a three-sport jock; he also played basketball for his school.

Of course, no one’s perfect. Though if the worst one can say about Eric is that he once smoked a joint at an Allman Brothers concert — which is what Crushable’s source told us — that’s still a pretty squeaky-clean image. After all, who wouldn’t toke up at the Allman Brothers?

2. He is scrubbing “semi-professional eater” from his resume:
Back in July, Eric's Wikipedia page said that he was currently a “semi-professional eater.” No, we have no idea what that means, either. Is he a foodie? Or was he gearing up for the big leagues to stand against professional eater Takeru Kobayashi, who apparently is losing his competitive edge?

We may never find out, because that line has been stripped from Eric's Wiki (we bet Jessica's team is currently doing some major clean-up on Eric's PR front). Now his page just says Eric is currently a “free agent.” Well, in sports at least.

3. He's no dummy:
Eric went to Yale on a sports scholarship, and still managed to find time to break almost every one of the school's football records while studying to be an investment banker. His friends even called him a “big nerd.” He might have wanted to put that degree to good use, since his pro career has been nothing but disasters since he was picked last round of the 2001 NFL draft. At least he's smarter than Tony Romo.

4. He's green (sort of):
Well, he drove a Prius, anyway. Which for a pro-athlete is essentially like being a micro-biotic vegan who lives off their own sustainable agriculture for the rest of us.

5. Everyone thinks he's a nice guy…except his ex-wife:
Despite the fact that he'd been separated from his estranged hairdresser wife Keri Johnson for months before he and Jessica went officially public (and the fact that the two are officially divorced as of September), Keri somehow doesn't think Eric is the sweet, down-to-earth guy that his former teammates and Jessica's reps are painting him to be. She's told Star and Us Weekly that Eric is only using Jessica for the money and fame…a narrative that didn't take long to hit gossip sites like Perez. Ironically, Keri only came forward in September to sell her story once the divorce was official: now who looks like they're trying to cash in on whom? Jessica isn't listening to the gossip, and has threatened legal action against Star for publishing libel. Looks like she's planning to stand by her man…and we have to admit, after her dad, John Mayer and Romo, Eric is looking like the most legit guy to enter her life in awhile.