Entertainment Tonight Releases Photos of Taylor Armstrong’s Black Eye

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Entertainment Tonight has obtained the photos of Taylor Armstrong‘s black eye, one of the many she took to document husband Russell Armstrong‘s abuse. It's pretty nasty; the photos show Taylor right after she received the bruise, and a little while later as she got reconstructive surgery. A few days ago, Radar Online reported that Taylor's signed a deal to write a memoir on domestic abuse, which was to include photos of her injuries — it appears that ET has (really, really, no pun intended) beaten her to the punch.

The one laughable part is when the ET commentator asks, “And are these new clues to Russell's suicide?” Um, yes. About two weeks before Russell's death, Taylor announced to the world that he had been abusing her. It's very likely that that shame, coupled with his financial problems, were what drove him to suicide.

What's curious is how much the other Housewives knew about Taylor's abuse. Various news reports are saying that Taylor would show them her bruises, but that hasn't been confirmed by any credible sources. What we've seen on season 2 so far is her and Russell going into therapy; we'll be keeping an eye out in future episodes for any sign that she might have confided in the ladies about something else.