The First Trailer For Ender’s Game Just Gave Me Angina

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Ender's Game Harrison Ford Asa Butterfield

So I just finished watching the first trailer for Ender's Game and I'm kinda, sorta having trouble breathing. While I knew the movie would be intense, I had no idea that the very first trailer would be this intense. Nor did I know that I'd grow attached to Asa Butterfield — the actor who's about to make his big break into showbiz as Ender Wiggin — so quickly. But somehow, in this short trailer, Asa managed to capture Ender's childlike innocence as well as his warrior attitude toward defeating the aliens.

While I usually don't enjoy movies that involve things like spaceships and an alien war, I'm actually incredibly excited for this movie. Unlike most people who read this book back in school, I just read it a few weeks ago. I figured that since it would be the next big thing, I better give it a try and see if I could skim closely enough to be able to write somewhat accurately about it — but not closely enough that it would take a lot of my time. (I'm a very busy lady you know, TV marathons don't watch themselves.) However I ended up reading the book extremely closely and getting really into all the action — alien war games and all. Sure, I don't entirely understand their battle school games or their training aids, but I'm sure the movie will sort that all out for me visually.

All I know now is that I have another book-to-movie adaption to obsess over throughout the next few months. As if I didn't already get heart palpitations every time Catching Fire gave us a new teaser clip…

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