17 TV Moments That Made Us Cry Just As Much As This Is Us Does Each Week

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TV fans got hit upside the head in 2016 when This Is Us debuted on NBC. There wasn't a moment that spared us from dry eyes. Whether it was Randall's breakdown, learning that Jack Pearson‘s death looms over us or the pilot episode when Jack tells Rebecca one of their babies died — we were basically crying every Tuesday for at least 75% of the episode.
Jeez, just typing those words have sent me into near hysterics, and those images are reminding me that This Is Us has delivered almost the majority of sad TV moments. While the NBC hit has packed quite the punch to our feels, we can't forget all the other emotional moments from other TV shows that had us crying like newborns either. Incidentally, they've all taken us on quite the emotionally exhausting ride!