21 Classic ~Emo~ Songs That Hit Middle-School-You Right in the Feels

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There are certain periods of our lives we wish we could just forget. For many of us, middle school was exactly that. The bad haircuts, ironic t-shirts, braces and mirror selfies taken on digital cameras are enough to make you cringe.

However, those of us going through middle school in the early-mid 2000s were lucky enough to have a bountiful selection of emo tunes to carry us through those turbulent years. Although the “drama” you went through may seem trivial now, 13-year-old you wouldn't have made it through without an iPod shuffle full of Panic! At the Disco and Green Day. So put on some more eyeliner and buckle up, because here are 21 of the best emo songs that are sure to bring up some serious middle school feels. (And, BTW, all of these “emo” songs weren't necessarily emo by genre but they definitely were by sentiment.)