E! Missed Out On The One Celebrity Manicure That Would’ve Been Perfect For Their Emmys Mani Cam

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Zooey Deschanel Emmys 2012 TV set manicure E! Mani Cam failSo, last night I watched ABC's red carpet special for the Emmys while Jenni tuned in to E!'s pre-show coverage, but upon coming into work I realized that I got the short end of the stick! Because while Chris Harrison just gushed over his own network's nominees, Giuliana Rancic had the much more charming, funny job of asking celebrity attendees to take a stroll through E!'s Mani Cam. That's right, they had a mini red carpet that female celebs “walked” their fingers across to show what colors they were sporting. Love it.

As TheGloss pointed out last night, the Mani Cam became a funny way to see which celebrities could go off-book, with most ending up awkwardly flailing outside of the diorama. (Not Kat Dennings or Jena Malone, however, because they're badass.) However, the Mani Cam also revealed that E! itself wasn't so bright: They missed out on the best nail art of the night!

Before hitting the red carpet, Zooey tweeted her manicure for the night, little TV sets on her thumbs professionally done for the event. (Yes, there is someone who makes a living off this, and he is “Nail Boy to the rich and famous” Tom Bachik.) They're sparkly and quirky, and I kinda want some tiny TVs for myself now.

Zooey Deschanel Emmys TV set manicure E! Mani Cam fail

I'm surprised that E! didn't notice this, since 1) you imagine they would have someone on Twitter to track celebrity twitpics, and 2) Zooey has already done this before. After her tuxedo manicure at the Golden Globes earlier this year, people should just expect that she'll show up on the red carpet with themed nail art. To be clear—I think the Mani Cam was a success, and I hope E! doesn't hesitate to bring it back when we really kick into awards season in January. But hopefully they'll know exactly who to flag down this time around.

Photos: WENN.com/FayesVision, @ZooeyDeschanel