Watch Billy Eichner And Seth Meyers Yelling At Strangers About The Emmys

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Billy Eichner Seth Meyers Emmys 2014

Seth Meyers has kind of been killing it hosting the Emmys tonight, in my humble opinion. But no matter how great an award show — or anything, really — is going, it never hurts to add a little Billy Eichner into the mix. You know Billy Eichner. Host of Billy on the Street, Twitter legend, and fan of shouting. He and Seth headed out onto the streets of New York in a prerecorded segment to ask strangers on the street their thoughts about this year's Emmys. And it. Was. Hilarious.

They played a special version of the game “For a Dollar,” and it was just as uproarious as you'd expect. There was all the yelling and angrily storming off that we know Billy for. Highlights included when Billy rewards the guy who says Jimmy Fallon is his favorite host, the guy who thinks Seth Meyers is Seth MacFarlane, the lady who says that she watches Orange is the New Black but quickly adds that she's not a lesbian, and the woman who identifies the Emmy award as the “globle.” Or something similarly nonsensical.

Whether you missed it the first time around this evening or just want to watch it one (or two, or three, or fifteen) more times tonight, here's the video. Anyone else want Billy to just host the whole damn thing?

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