Gallery: The 14 Best Celebrity Twitpics From The 2012 Emmys

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Gallery  The 14 Best Celebrity Twitpics From The 2012 Emmys emmys adam driver peter dinklage1 png

I know that you’re starting to go into Emmys overload here… We’ve already got naked Lena Dunham, a Sofia Vergara wardrobe malfunction, and a faux rumor about Tracy Morgan passing out. But, if you can believe it, there’s so much else that happened backstage that you didn’t see. Like Adam Driver from Girls meeting Peter Dinklage! Or Tom Hanks demonstrating the best possible use for an Emmy statue! And no, it wasn’t captured by the livestreamed after-party, but over Twitter.

It’s interesting how much celebrities have flocked to social media. Probably because they get to determine what gets shown, so they’re more generous about being candid or sharing intimate photos and insights. This isn’t the first year that we’ve gotten the stars’ running commentary on their red-carpet adventures and after-party hang-outs, but the 2012 Emmy Awards made for some pretty great photos. Check out our favorites in the gallery below!