Emmy Rossum Agrees To Show Side Boob, But Not Under Boob, Upper Boob OR Upside Down Boob

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Shameless star Emmy Rossum says she's completely comfortable showing side boob because that's a realistic part of sex. In fact she's so comfortable with showing off her side boob that it's in her contract for the show. She says, “…originally, when they made the cont ract it was like, ‘You will show partial side boob, you will show two cheeks … .'”

And oddly enough that's the exact same phrasing used in my contract for Crushable. Minus the word “partial.” If you're going to show side boob, our policy is that you're going to show side boob. Sorry for being crass, but that's just part of working at America's largest foreign news reporting agency.

While I'm totally loving that Emmy Rossum's going for realistic sex scenes in the show, I'm totally confused as to when side boob became a real word. If I brought that up in a conversation with my friends in 2011, everyone would have just turned, stared and told me to get off Reddit. But now, it's a word just like nipple, breast and areola are words.

It's not at all uncommon to hear someone born between 1953 – 2009 casually say,”whoa, she's showing major side boob!” That's just par for the course now. Just last week Huffington Post featured a homepage story about Miley Cyrus showing side boob. Does this mean Arianna Huffington shows side boob? I just don't know to think anymore!

I guess i'm just lucky enough to work at a company that doesn't mind that I'm double side boobin' it today in my outfit.