Can We Just Give Rob Lowe The Emmy For Drew Peterson: Untouchable Already?

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Rob Lowe Drew Peterson: Untouchable Lifetime Emmy nomination 2012Don't worry, you're not behind; the 2012 Emmy nominations haven't been announced yet. But what the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has released is this fascinating list of all of the potential nominees. See, it turns out the Emmys are a pretty casual, self-nominating affair; if you've got the $200 to join up, you can throw your hat in the ring provided your series had at least five episodes.

The list is pretty endless, with upwards of 40 hopefuls per category, but it's worth a read to see who swallowed their pride and nominated themselves despite starring in over-the-top Lifetime films or mostly-ignored sitcoms. Yes, even knowing that the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Jon Hamm would be in the running, many stars (or their camps) figured fuck it and put themselves out there.

Now, one role that I want to see honored all the way to the awards stage is Rob Lowe as wife killer Drew Peterson in Lifetime's incredible TV movie Drew Peterson: Untouchable. This movie just brought it on every level, from the gratuitous sex scenes, to Drew throwing his poor wife Stacy (Kaley Cuoco) into the TV and then asking if the neighbor wants margaritas, to quotes like “He deserves to know why they call me Big Daddy.” I DVRed it last weekend when it was playing in repeats; I haven't yet watched it, because I'm saving it, like a fine wine, for a night that I have company over and we're tipsy enough to appreciate the what-the-fuckery.

I don't know how much of Drew Peterson Lowe pulled from real life. Obviously many of the scenes, like the beloved cop speeding off on his motorcycle rather than answer police questions, had their grounding in the real man's eccentric behavior. But from the gut to the ridiculous bushy mustache, Lowe wholly embodied this character. He deserves the Emmy for such a mesmerizing performance.

I mean, let's look at his competition: Dylan McDermot (American Horror Story), Pierce Brosnan (Stephen King's Bag of Bones), Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia), Dan Amboyer (William & Catherine: A Royal Romance). Much as I hate to put Benedict in second place, I have trouble considering Sherlock in this category anyway. So, I'm still gonna have to award the Emmy to Rob Lowe.

However, my tolerance for bad Lifetime entertainment only goes so far. I would not extend the same support to Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List. Sorry, sweetie.

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