When Kids Reenact Dramatic Emmy-Nominated TV Shows, Everybody Wins

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When Kids Reenact Dramatic Emmy Nominated TV Shows  Everybody Wins Emmy nominated shows reenacted by kids August 2014 jpg

The 2014 Emmy Awards will air this upcoming Monday night, so get excited to see the same old shows win. Considering how predictable the nominations have become, I don’t foresee many surprises. But as jaded as I am, there’s simply no way to stay a Grumpy Gus for long when this video of kids reenacting the nominated drama series exists. There are no losers where kids wearing fake mustaches are involved. Absolutely not.

This adorableness comes from mom.me, and there’s simply no way to avoid smiling at it. So if you’re trying to win a frowning contest or just in the mood to feel like crap, don’t watch this video. (Do show it to your frowning contest opponent, though. You’ll win instantly.) If, however, you’re in the mood to witness kids in small costumes awkwardly delivering jokes about your favorite TV series that go way over their heads, then go ahead and watch. Just to refresh your memory, this year’s nominees in the drama category are Game of Thrones, True Detective, House of Cards, Mad Men, Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad. Remember when I used the word “predictable” earlier? Yeah.

That means you get to witness the following things: a mini Daenerys, mother of a very cute stuffed dragon; a kid saying “alright alright alright,” likely without even knowing who Matthew McConaughey is; a tiny Kevin Spacey breaking the fourth wall; a young Don Draper taking credit for a secretary’s idea; a little girl complaining about how hard it is to choose between wealthy suitors; and a couple of kids saying “crystal meth.” And with that I ask what in the world you are waiting for. Get watching. I only wish Orphan Black had been nominated so we could witness a pint-sized Tatiana Maslany playing every character. That and it really should have been nominated anyway.