You’d Think Emma Watson Would Have Enough Experience With Harry Potter’s Weird Foods To Eat Whale And Reindeer

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Emma Watson reindeer puffin whale Iceland foods David Letterman Harry Potter foodsEmma Watson‘s a busy gal what with her first big post-Potter film The Perks of Being A Wallflower coming out soon, so we're glad to hear that she treated herself to a little vacation up in Iceland. Whereas my closest association to the country is seeing it on my in-flight map whenever I fly over the Atlantic to visit my grandparents in Germany, Emma spent three weeks frolicking about and getting up close and personal with the wildlife. Like, really personal.

She told David Letterman that while she loved the place, she couldn't get quite used to the food. “It is uncommonly beautiful,” she said. “I mean, it's kind of almost like going to another planet.” However, “I struggled a little bit with the food. They are into more exotic foods, so it's not uncommon to serve whale or puffin or reindeer.”

Emma's reaction, while cute, had me confused. After all, this is the girl who grew up on the Hogwarts set, eating those impossibly rich and flavorful wizard feasts that are described in such exquisite detail in the books. She sipped butterbeer, popped Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (probably the vomit ones, I can imagine Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint pranking her with those), and even sampled some dragon tartare, which Hermione willingly ingests so the bad breath will scare off her date in the fifth movie. Never mind that these foods were probably just normal dishes dyed freaky colors! We expected Emma to have more of an iron stomach when it comes to eating exotic foods.

Of course, once she explained the context, it made a bit more sense. It wasn't as if she were sitting in a restaurant and turning her pretty little nose up at a menu. Instead, “they take you on these tours—'Let's see the whales, let's see the cute little puffins.' They sell the cute, little cuddly toy… and then they serve it to you for dinner.”

And then she makes it all political, about how we're so cut off from where our food is actually coming from. Hermione would be proud.

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