This GIF Of Emma Watson Taking Off Her Face And Turning Into Sofia Vergara Will Haunt Your Dreams

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Emma Watson Sofia Vergara unmasks

Everybody quickly locate the nearest set of covers to hide under, because the Internet is back with something new to terrify and unsettle you. It comes in the form of the above GIF of Emma Watson removing her Emma Watson face and revealing that she is actually Sofia Vergara. Before you throw out all your Harry Potter DVDs and declare them to be lies, allow me to inform you that this did not really happen. Shocking, isn't it?

According to The Huffington Post, this GIF, which surfaced recently on imgur, comes from a slightly longer video called “Emma Watson Unmasks,” which I'll let you enjoy below.

That video was inspired by another video from 2011 in which someone named Kerry Johnson applies and removes a very creepy silicone mask, boobs included.

So thanks to some impressive computer work and a very strange mind, we now know what it would look like if Emma Watson took off her face and became Sofia Vergara. This leads me to wonder if the Internet is officially over now. Like, this must be the last weird thing anyone could possibly come up and with and post online, right? I bet if you asked anyone on the street what the last thing to go viral on the Internet would be, they'd immediately answer, “Probably Emma Watson taking off her face and revealing herself to be Sofia Vergara. We can stop after that.”

I feel compelled to point out that this isn't the first time a video has been made mashing Emma Watson's face up with another celebrity. If you're in the mood to have your dreams haunted even harder, check out the video of her with Steve Buscemi's facial features. I guess there's just something about Emma that makes people want to put her face in horrifying Internet videos. Hey, there's another potential career path for her if acting doesn't work out!

(GIF: imgur)