Emma Watson Takes Her Clothes Off…For A Good Cause, You Pervs

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Emma Watson Topless James Houston Global Green Photoshoot

There are two types of people reading this article about Emma Watson being naked right now. The first type searched “Emma Watson naked” with the hopes that today's search, unlike yesterday's search and last week's search and last year's search, would actually yield good results. The other type spent hours starring at the Brown University Admission website trying to debate if applying was taking their Hermione Granger obsession too far.

To the second group of people, I say welcome! To the first group of people, I'll assume you already returned to Ask Jeeves or Alta Vista or whatever search engine you use to find photos that don't exist. But if you're still here also, thank you. Reading can be almost as fun as staring at naked girls. Or so I read once in that Babysitter's Club book where Claudia's parents discovered she had a serious candy hoarding problem.

Apparently our gal pal Emma teamed up with this guy named James Houston to raise money for Global Green USA – an organization that's trying to fix Earth.  Also to celebrate the environment and its inherent natural beauty. Unlike every photo you post on Instagram, Mother Nature doesn't put a filter on her lenses. You can steal that quote and paste it over a photo of a waterfall if you'd like.

A big part of celebrating natural beauty is being natural! And tell you what, wearing clothes is the most unnatural thing we do as human beings. If God intended for us to cover ourselves up, he would've put a Forever 21 in one corner of the Garden of Eden and a Lands End in the other corner. That's a fact. Our resident Godologist confirmed it just moments ago. (And a Charlotte Russe in the third corner, for when Eve wanted to explore her more sultry side.)

So with that being a fact and all, Emma Watson took her clothes off for this photo shoot. At first I was all like, “why do celebrities have to take their clothes off for charity so often?” Then I answered my own question by realizing at what I was doing. (WRITING ABOUT IT!)

Since we're talking about Emma Watson here, the photos from the shoot are tasteful and classy and perfect inspiration for your next trip to Glamour Shots. If you'd like more information (but not much more), please do watch the video below.

(Photo: Snitchseeker.com)