Emma Watson Says The Kardashians Inspired Her Bling Ring Character, Which They’ll Take As A Compliment

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Emma Watson Bling ring quote

On the off chance that you're not following the Cannes Film Festival closely, let me fill you in on same major details. One, it is happening right now. Two, Emma Watson's there right now promoting the world premiere of her movie The Bling Ring. You know the movie I'm talking about right? It was that true life crime case turned Lifetime movie turned Sofia-Coppola-directed film. And three, there's a strong chance you're pronouncing Cannes wrong. Sorry, but it's true.

But baaccck to number two on that list: Emma Watson. While doing a press conference for The Bling Ring, she said that she watched Keeping up with the Kardashians to prepare for her role as a teenage burglar. Even though I'm pretty sure that the Kardashians (or their younger half-henchmen, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner) ever stole anything on the show, it is pretty fun that she named them as being part of her research process. You know who and what else also made the list? Paris Hilton and The Hills. Just a nice little round-up of California's finest young folk.

While I think most people would be offended to learn that an actor watched them go about their real life to prepare for a role as a criminal, I'm the sure the Kardashians are popping bottles right now in celebration, running around their house screaming that Her-me-won thinks they're inspirational. They're also probably debating if Kendall ‘n Kylie should go into the jewelry thief business while they wait for their modeling careers to take off. It would be nice to get a little extra publicity boost during the slow summer months.

So don't be totally shocked if you see a headline during a slow, hot summer week about Kylie getting arrested trying to rob someone. Just hope that the someone is Bruce Jenner and the things she's trying to take from him include those horrible earrings.

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