Emma Watson Almost Didn’t Get Into The US Because They Thought She Was A Minor

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They're not letting just anyone into the country these days.

Emma Watson ran into a bit of trouble at the border recently when US customs officials mistook her for an unaccompanied minor. Apparently, the perceptive people at the airport pegged her as a child for the mere reason that she was wearing a backpack, which only makes me like her more, as backpacks are dorky, practical, form-over-function things. (Would Lindsay Lohan be caught dead with an L.L. Bean?) Guess someone has yet to jump on the Harry Potter train. Either that, or they feared she was going to steal jobs from homegrown American wizards, which would be fair.

“Emma was mortified,” a source told The Sunday People. “Not only did they not recognise her, they thought she was a child. It was very embarrassing but she managed to awkwardly laugh it off.”

I'm not sure I buy it that the paparazzi-shy Emma Watson would feel “mortified” someone didn't recognize her, but the child part would probably embarrass any 22-year-old girl/woman. She tweeted about the incident thusly:

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This is unfortunate, but it sounds like she got through it with good humor, especially considering she'd just taken a long flight back from Zambia, where she'd been volunteering with the Camfed mentoring program. To avoid such awkward SNAFUs in the future, though, I suggest she start dressing like her character from The Bling Ring whenever she flies from now on.

(Via The Mirror UK)

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