This Photo Of Young Emma Watson Standing With Old Emma Watson Will Make You Believe In Magic

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Are you ready to have your mind blown by the most awesome Emma Watson photograph ever manipulated on a photo-editing program and shared on Reddit? Okay. If you're still reading, I'm assuming the answer is yes.


Emma Watson Young and OldBehold a photo of young Emma Watson standing with old Emma Watson in a photo that makes the two (one? Two become one? Is this what the Spice Girls were talking about!? IS IT????) look like sisters. The best sisters ever? Um, can't say that without rewatching every single Olsen Twin movie ever made first. But I can say they're totally in the running.

A little lite stalking shows that Young Emma Watson hails from the first Harry Potter movie premiere back in 2001.

Remember 2001?! I do. My screenname involved a very strategic combination of letters, numbers and endearments that did not at all describe me. Anyone remember SweetieGurlChicaBabyXOXO69? Yes? Great, that was me. And no, I don't regret any of the time we spent in chatrooms together.

Now the second photo's a little more recent. Okay, a LOT more recent. It's from the premiere of The Perks of Being a Wallflower at the Toronto International Film Festival in fall 2012. That makes these two Emma's approximately 11 years apart. Which in a real family might mean baby Emma's an oops baby. But they're not a real family and they're not real sisters and it's just a fun photo to stare at all day long while we reflect on the career of one of our fave celebricrushes.

(Photo: Reddit)