This Emma Watson Quote Will Make You Realize Just How Much You Have In Common With Her

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Despite being a global superstar who everyone adores, Emma Watson is still a normal 22-year-old who's mom picks her up from the airport. And while I don't want to brag, my mom also picks me up from the airport. So Emma Watson and I actually have a lot more to talk about than you would initially think. And you probably do too. If your mother has ever picked you up at the airport, then you're just like Emma Watson.

Allegedly she tweeted the following (I have to write allegedly because it's no longer on her Twitter), “Amused, upset and touched to see my mother in her heels and pearl earings try to run down 3 large men with cameras at Heathrow airport.”

Aww. Emma Watson's mom comes to pick her up at the airport despite the fact it involves running down camera men who are trying to get a photo of her jetset daughter. And doing it fashionably. Not that you would expect any less from Mother Watson. Her daughter did turn into a style icon in the last few years and I have to believe that some of that rubbed off on her mother. Or was maybe even inspired by her mother.

Has your mom ever worn heels (or even shoes) to pick you up at the airport? Well then you're practically sisters with Emma Waston. And tell you what, if you've watched all 8 of the Harry Potter movies, then you might as well be her twin. There's no scientific difference between playing Hermione Granger and watching Hermione Granger.

Starting to feel like Mary-Katie and Ashley in It Takes Two? I'm not surprised. After reading this quote the first time I started to understand how Annie felt when she held up that torn photo of her father to Hallie's torn photo of her mother.

“Sisters Hallie? We're like twins,” is what played in my head when I heard this exciting airport news. Now I'll just sit back and wait for her to friend me on Facebook.


(Photo:  Ian Wilson/WENN.com)