This Photo Of Emma Watson And Matthew Lewis Encapsulates Everything Awkward About Puberty

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Emma Watson Matthew Lewis thug face gangster puberty

I love having friends who are bloggers. The internet is a vast place, and it's impossible for any one person to find every gem it has to offer. Yesterday I shared this Avengers/Firefly credits mash-up with my friends at a geeky site, and as thanks they sent me this photo of Harry Potter stars Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis. I'd never seen it before!

Some reverse Google image search reveals that this photo made its way through Tumblr briefly a few years ago, but I'm bringing it back. Because seriously, this could be any unfortunate photo taken during puberty, for the following reasons…

1) This is some sort of wedding or cast party, and these two are just standing around awkwardly.

2) Emma is still in her gawky/skinny phase, wearing a dress far too long for her. And even though Matt seems to have grown into his teeth, it's still dated before he officially became hot enough to incite fan riots.

3) They're drinking orange juice even though there's a table of champagne right behind them. Or maybe they sneaked some into their glasses for homemade mimosas?

4) The camera strap hanging in the frame.

5) Their thug faces.

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. What makes this photo extra special is that we feel like we grew up with the Harry Potter cast. So it's comforting to know that when we were stumbling through junior high — stumbling because we were speed-reading through The Goblet of Fire to find out who dies already! — that they weren't yet perfectly-groomed Hollywood stars. They were gangly kids acting gangster when a camera was flashed in their direction.

If anyone knows where this photo originated, please let us know!