Only Emma Watson Can Pull Off Lipstick On Her Teeth So Beautifully

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Emma Watson Winning PCA


Just when I thought the People's Choice Awards jumped the shark with the Adam Sandler win, my favorite ladies started getting some awards. First Jennifer Lawrence delivered an amazing acceptance speech for Favorite Movie Actress, then Emma Watson won Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress in an absolutely adorable outfit that 99% of people could never pull off.

Emma Watson Lipstick Teeth


You know what else she pulled off? Accepting an award with red lipstick on her teeth. While watching her speak about what The Perks of Being a Wallflower meant to her, I noticed something on her teeth. But because it's Emma Watson, I didn't think about it for more than a second. I mean she has a British accent, that automatically makes her flawless in my book. (A book that compiles flawless celebrities for my future plastic surgery endeavors. It'll be available on Urban Outfitters tables everywhere this summer!)

Emma Watson Winning Gif


However once someone mentioned it to me, I did have to admit she had a splash of lipstick on her teeth. But whatever! She's Hermione Granger! She can put whatever she wants on her teeth and still look gorgeous. It's a perk of being a famous person. I bet she could walk around with spinach stuck between her two front teeth and make it work. I can't. But that's the (only) reason I'm not famous.