Watch Emma Watson Beatbox While Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps About Feminism

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Emma Watson Lin-Manuel Miranda rap March 2016

Emma Watson recently hung out with Lin-Manuel Miranda. You know, the Hamilton guy. You know Hamilton. The Broadway musical everyone and their mother is obsessed with even if they haven't actually seen it. The thing you can't stop hearing about no matter how hard you try to hide from it. Aaanyway, back to what I came here to tell you. In honor of International Women's Day and the HeForShe campaign, Emma convinced Lin-Manuel to perform a freestyle rap about gender equality while she beatboxed in the background.

What makes the video so adorable is that Emma admits she has no idea how to beatbox, and she's really embarrassed to try it. She ends up doing a great job with it, though. (She should totally be in the next Pitch Perfect movie. And/or they should add a beatboxing scene to Beauty and the Beast.) And Lin-Manuel's freestyle is pretty great too. When Emma asks if he's a feminist, he says that yes, he is, and then he starts on the rap:

“Yo it's Lin, and I have to laugh. How can we not be equal? We're like half. Like women are like half of the people on earth, and yes they should have been equal since birth. That means all day, every day, equal pay, every way, okay? Are we really okay?”

Then he compliments Emma's beatbox skillz, and she ends the video in a red-faced fluster. In her words, “I'm literally the color of a tomato.” And since she's Emma Watson, British human being, she pronounces it “tomahhhto.” Not gonna lie, the feminism stuff was great, but that's really the highlight of the video for me. That word needs to be worked into every Emma Watson appearance from now on. Perhaps Lin-Manuel can write a musical called The Feminist Tomato and she can star.