Emma Watson Defends Kristen Stewart In Ultimate Harry Potter and Twilight Heroine Crossover

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Emma Watson NYU

I love Emma Watson.  I love Harry Potter.  Emma Watson starred in Harry Potter.  I do not like Kristen Stewart. I also do not like Twilight.  Emma Watson recently defended Kristen Stewart's scandalous antics.  Therefore, arithmetic dictates I must love Kristen Stewart and Twilight. I'm so confused now!  Ughh.

“Those who criticized her are the same people that think that being rich and famous is like being covered in some kind of magic powder that makes life perfect: Nothing can go wrong in your wonderful world,” Watson told Vanity Fair Italy. “For these people, Kristen deserves all the bad things that have been thrown at her because she had an amazing life and she ruined it.”


I think most people over the age of 13 can comprehend that yes, even celebrities have their problems.  But it's very hard for regular, poor, hard-working people to empathize with celebrities who have problems.  I think it's especially hard to empathize when they purposely do things for no other reason than attention. I definitely don't care that Robert Pattinson was hurt, or that Kristen Stewart greasily dry-humped a pervy director.  Shit happens to all of us, and sometimes that shit is genuine and sometimes it isn't.  Either way, everyone finds a way to get through the murky shit and move on.

I do understand where Emma is coming from, though.  The primary fan base for both the Harry Potter and Twilight series is a young one, and they don't know how to analyze PR stunts or general adult issues very well.

“I thought that the media picked on her in a very horrible way. Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young,” defended Watson. “Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It’s not fair to consider them matters of public interest.”

Very true.  But I can't remember the last time Emma Watson made a spectacle of herself, can you?  And not just because she's British and smart and adorable and therefore perfect.  Because she's not looking for attention, negative or otherwise.  She's an example of a celebrity who deals with the fame and media the best way she can, because it goes along with doing what she loves.  I'm sure she makes mistakes just like everyone else, but we don't hear about them.

Anyway… Emma?  I missed you the last time you were in Pittsburgh when you were filming Perks.  Next time you're in the Steel City, hit me up gurl.  Ur a tru blu sweetie.


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