Aww! Emma Watson Introduces Herself As Hermione Granger To A Harry Potter Trick-Or-Treater

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Emma Watson Harry Potter trick-or-treater photo introduces Hermione Granger "we're best of friends" aww too cute adorable dieYou guys, I just read this story about Emma Watson making some boy's Halloween, and I seriously can't function right now. Someone posted this photo to Imgur a few days ago, of the Harry Potter actress posing with a cute kid dressed up as Harry himself, down to the Gryffindor robes and tie. According to the poster, Emma said to the little boy, “Excuse me, are you Harry Potter? That’s great, because I’m Hermione Granger and we’re best of friends.”

I flailed just writing that, which made it difficult to type out the rest of this post, so I had to get myself under control. But I'm still squeeing from the combined adorableness of this, the winner for Cutest Celebrity Encounter. No wonder Emma was one of our 25 Crushable Girls Under 25!

Now, we can't verify that this exchange is true, but we're willing to believe this anonymous poster because this sounds exactly like something Emma would do. Despite wrapping up the Harry Potter series with Deathly Hallows, Part 2 a year and a half ago, Emma has always seemed to have a good-natured attitude about being known as Hermione. Sure, she's distanced herself from the franchise by starring in films like the coming-of-age tale The Perks of Being A Wallflower and donning a velour tracksuit for The Bling Ring. But she's also thoughtful enough to play along with a boy who wasn't even born when the first book came out!

Yep, I'm gonna declare this true because I want to believe that Halloween miracles like this do happen. And now I'm curious to see how many grown-up gingers put on some Gryffindor robes and introduce themselves as Ron Weasley.

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Photo: Imgur