Emma Watson Is Finally Getting Off Her Lazy Bum And Graduating College

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Emma Watson Meow Bling Ring

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say lazy? Emma Watson, right? The girl is 24-years-old and she's just graduating Brown this year. In case you're not as on top of Hermione Granger as I am, you should know she's two years late to graduation. I mean, I've heard of the five year plan, but six years? Jeez louise. What are you doing girl? One class a semester? Pray tell, what could she possibly be so busy with that she's just graduating now?

And don't say “acting” or “modeling” or “spokespersoning” or whatever it is that you were doing to say. I also acted, modeled and spokespersoned in college and I certainly managed to graduated on time. Sure it was on a much more local level, but still the same thing. Being an extra in a student film isn't easy work. Nor is modeling your outfit options for your friends in your dorm room before you go out on a Friday. Nor is taking the time to write passionate and eloquent Facebook statues about issues you really care about. So yeah, the fact she's been working on extracurriculars doesn't work as an excuse for me. Or as Shania Twain would say in 1998, “that don't impress me much.”

Especially since she knows magic. It's like, hellooooooo, use your time-turner and get to your classes on time. Also, while you're at it, major in something other than English Lit. Lord knows she'll never get a job with that degree. At least one that pays her rent.

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