You’ll Love Emma Watson’s Adorable Reaction To David Letterman’s Awkward Dad Humor

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Emma Watson David Letterman March 2014

The one late night show that I very consistently do not watch is The Late Show with David Letterman. It's just not my kind of humor, probably because I'm not a dad. No one rocks the dad humor like David Letterman. When I do tune in to watch an interview with someone I enjoy, it's just delightful to watch how they react to those kinds of jokes. Take, for instance, last night's interview with Emma Watson for her new movie Noah.

Emma admits that she used to get nervous watching herself on screen and says she would twist herself up “like a pretzel” in the theater. The way she says “pretzel” in that British accent is my new favorite sound in the world, but that's not what we're here to talk about. I'll save that subject for the online forum I'm creating later devoted to discussing it in depth. For now I want to talk about the prank Dave pulls on Emma when he says he's going to show a clip from Emma's movie.

It's… pretty lame. Mostly because it's been done approximately one million times before. It's the same thing Paul Rudd does every time he's on Conan's show. Except with Paul Rudd it's a running gag that becomes even funnier when you know it's going to happen. Plus Paul Rudd is the guest, and pranks become ten times funnier when it's the guest playing them. But like I said, David Letterman is the king of dad jokes, so of course this little prank isn't going to send us leaping out of our chairs with laughter. It's totally worth it to see Emma's adorable reaction, though. She just explained how nervous she gets to watch herself, which makes it even cuter. It's such an “Oh, you got me” reaction, and it'll remind you why you have a girl crush on her. I'm assuming you do, because if not WHO ARE YOU?