Emma Watson’s NYU Experience Makes Me Admire College-Going Celebrities Even More

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Emma Watson NYUI already have a lot of admiration for celebrities who choose to attend college. It's a reminder that college is more than just what people are expected to do after high school graduation or a way to get a high-paying job as an adult. It's also just about learning. I know, hard to believe, right? When a celebrity who already has a high-paying job and (presumably) a passion decides they want to learn, in addition to that, I think it says a lot about their character. So hearing about Emma Watson's experience attending NYU makes me respect celebrities like her even more for choosing the college route.

An article for NYU Local describes Emma's recent experience at the school for the January term. Emma has already attended Brown University, so she knows what it's like to be on a college campus. If her experience at Brown was anything like her experience in New York, I'm incredibly impressed that she decided to keep at her studies, because the celebrity college experience (sounds like an upcoming MTV show in the making) seems really tough.

In addition to simply tweeting and talking about Emma's presence on campus, students also posted her school email address online for the world to see. If Emma's student email account was anything like mine in college, she already had to wade through club invitations, bookstore advertisements, people who have accidentally hit reply-all to a class email and revealed their shameless begging to the professor, and notifications from organizations whose mailing list you signed up for at the activities fair out of pity. Adding creepy fan mail calling her Hermione (because you know that happened) to her inbox is beyond cruel.

And yet it seems that Emma was able to stay composed and polite through all this. An NYU student and “celebrity enthusiast” says he approached Emma on campus and asked for a picture, “and she was really sweet about it. She said, ‘Aw, I’m sorry. I don’t take pictures while I’m studying. It was nice to meet you though.’ She was just so cute and spoke in a British accent so a part of me died inside.” To be brave enough to not only study out in public as a celebrity, but to then be such a sweetheart when people notice you, boggles my mind and makes me respect Emma and celebrities like her so much more. Heck, even I often avoided public studying in college, and I don't have a British accent or a beloved fantasy franchise in my past.

Plus, Emma also bartended while in New York, which is another thing I would never be able to do as a celebrity. My lack of bartending skills aside.

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