Emma Watson Graduates From Brown University, Posts An A+ Selfie To Celebrate

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Emma Watson Graduates From Brown University  Posts An A  Selfie To Celebrate Emma Watson graduation photo May 25 jpg

In a move that would have Hermione Granger rolling her eyes scolding, “My goodness, what on earth took you so long?”, Emma Watson graduated from Brown University yesterday after studying there for six years. But she made a few popular movies during that time, so I guess we can cut her some slack for taking so long. And she did post an adorable selfie on Twitter to share the exciting day with us, so it’s all good. She must have majored in flawless lipstick application, because she is rocking that red.

In actuality, Emma received a degree in English literature, which means she probably spent six years telling people her major and hearing endless variations of the following: “What do you want to do with that? Do you want to be a teacher? Are you double-majoring with business or something? Oh, you’re probably pre-law, right? So you’re not really sure what you want to do with your life yet? Aren’t you worried about getting a job after graduation? How much money do English majors make? Can you look over my paper for errors? Explain this book to me.” Excuse me for that rant. Is it obvious what I majored in?

It would seem Emma’s graduation experience was just like yours or mine, unless you count that undercover armed police guard who followed her around. According to The Daily Mail, the policewoman who accompanied Emma wore a cap and gown to blend in with the 2,000 other students graduating. So, you know, other than that it was the same as yours. I’m sure she also had to look around at all the other students to remember which side the tassel is supposed to go on. Don’t ask me which it is; my brain treated that as one-day information. Emma’s mom Jacqueline Luesby was also there to support her daughter, and Emma sat in the crowd with the other students during the ceremony.

Congratulations, Emma! Your brain is as beautiful as your eyebrows.

(Photo: Twitter)