Emma Watson Celebrates Her 22nd Birthday By Making Out With Her Non-Celebrity Boyfriend

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It's impossible to see a photo of Emma Watson and not smile. Especially when she's locking lips with her boyfriend  Will Adamowicz, a student at Brown University, at Coachella. Yep, you read that right. Emma Watson continues impressing us with her awesomeness by dating a regular college student.

And dare I say it,  the luckiest regular college student out there right now. How many people can confess to Emma Watson that they're nervous they just failed their Chem final or that they're too hungover to go to a study group at the library.

Celebuzz found photos of her at Coachella this weekend making out with her boyfriend. As someone who celebrated her 22nd birthday by going to the same college bar I'd been going to since I was 19, I have to say I'm jealous Emma spent hers at the star-studded Coachella. Sure it apparently rained this weekend, but that didn't seem to dampen any of the celebrities' spirts as they dressed in interesting outfits and generally made the rest of us envious that we weren't there.

But I guess nowhere as envious as Will Adamowicz's classmates will be when have to see him on campus this week and know that he spent the weekend making out with his famous girlfriend at a music festival in California.

(Photo: Celebuzz)